Victoria Beckham launches a low cost collection for Target

It is not only a former Spice Girl or the wife of a footballer, Victoria Beckam, has managed to make her name an empire and earn respect and recognition from the fashion world. Her brand, Victoria Beckham, already has several lines for different audiences, and at the beginning of this month of April, the designer took a big step and launched a new collection for Target, impeccable as all chain and accessible to everyone.

Victoria Beckham collection

Victoria Beckam’s new collection reflects a festive character with the influence of all those experiences as a mother, which the designer has shared with her children. Full of color, prints and above all very feminine and easy to carry.

Victoria Beckham wanted to launch her new low cost collection with different lines, since she wants to reach all kinds of audiences, that’s why she find the feminine line, plus size, for teenagers and also for girls and babies. Apart from having these lines, the collection still has an addition that you will love, its prices; we have to say that the most expensive garment we have found is a bomber style jacket of €80.

Victoria Beckham collection

For this collection, Victoria Beckham has not wanted to be part of fashion giants, and the British designer has presented its limited edition with Target, a kind of hypermarket in which found from clothes to household products and toys for children. When it will be available? It went on sale 9th April in the US and the website of the firm will be available for selected European countries.

As it could not be otherwise, the presentation of Victoria Beckam’s new collection for Target counted on the means that are at the height of the designer, who organized an exclusive event in Malibu to which, of course, could not miss neither her family nor some friends of Victoria Beckham. And not a few friends either, the event was attended by actresses like Jessica Alba and Zoe Saldana.

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