Smart, Sophisticated, Successful

How does a man feel in a beautifully crafted suit? He feels elevated, positive, on top of the world. Everything about him shouts out, “I am Smart”. “I am Sophisticated”, “I am Successful”.

smart men suit

Men’s outfits have been a part our society for centuries, albeit rather played down. In recent years however, suits have entered the limelight in a big way as the fashion industry responds to the needs of the modern men who want suits that better reflect their unique style. There are different types of suits for a variety of occasions. Typically men wear suits for work, weddings, funerals, business, job interviews, horse races, court, upscale events, a smart restaurant, parties, networking and public speaking.

What defines a well-made men’s suit? Well, to begin with every ‘body type’ is unique; therefore it makes sense that the first step towards getting a custom-made suit done is to work with the body. This involves a number of aspects such as the fit, fabric cutting, fabric weight, color, the sewing and finishing touches. An experienced tailor knows instinctively how to proportion certain components of the suit in order to bring out the best in the person wearing it. There is a definitive art to creating an overall visual impact that evokes emotions not only in the person wearing the suit but also in the eye of the beholder. A well-tailored suit should ooze class, masculinity and swagger.

Suits come in a range of styles, fabric, and colors, all made to exceptionally high standards to meet everyone’s preference. Formal, relaxed, modern, classic, sleek, confident, three-piece, single-breasted, double-breasted, tuxedos, blazers, pin striped, plain, herringbone, check, light weight, medium weight, all depending on the client’s wishes.

Of course there is much more to a suit than meets the eye. This is why there is a team of men’s fashion experts always at your disposal to give advice and help you complete your perfect look, everything from shirts, neckties, cravats, scarves, bow ties, wrist and pocket watches, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie tacks, tie bars, hats, socks, shoes and much more.

You are welcome to pop into the specialized men’s wardrobe showroom yourself, but why not take advantage of a travelling tailor who can fit around your busy schedule by coming directly to your home or office, or anywhere you wish. It couldn’t be more convenient. The tailor works closely with you, providing a personalised expert made-to-measure service, listening to your needs, educating you, as well as crafting a suit just for you, no one else. There is also a personalised service for groom and groomsmen’s wedding suits, with beer and barber to boot, all at your disposal to pamper you for your big day. Your tailor will be with you throughout all the stages from measuring you up, to crafting and bringing your dream suit to life.

Getting a number of custom-made suits is well worth the investment in the long-term and can make the difference to feeling like a Million Dollars on that special occasion.

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