Jute bag with wooden handles

Jute bags are part of a trend of modern fashion, based on the Green movement and an increasingly important environmental message. The jute bags with wooden handles where both jute and wood accentuate each other. The dense texture of the wooden meshes with good taste with the resistance, yet soft and earthy tones of jute, jute bags with wooden handles are coveted items in major markets.

Jute bags

The fashion trend quickly leans earth tones and ecological designs produced from organic materials.

Traditionally, cotton materials, synthetic leather and have dominated tote bag designs available, but the green revolution is to put a demand on the material of new materials is making its way to the top of the chain of popularity, Jute Bag is here to stay.

The fashion industry provides most of the trends in Western culture and wood mixed with earthy colors is considered “the next big thing” in all kinds of fashion. While the colors and fashions come and go, recent surveys and reports on fashion trends clearly indicate that the earth color palettes will be a part of the fashion culture in the years to come. The reason is that the environmental movement is growing and simply will not go away.

Consequently, earth tones and new materials compatible with the environment are not going away either.

While there has been virtually no market in the fashion industry until recently, jute is being collected the material of choice for environmental compliance. Unlike most major crops and vegetable fibers, jute is cultivated according to the norms of non-irrigated using pesticides or small fertilizers chemical to grow. This singular fact made of jute in the second, after cotton textile fiber. In addition, jute is 100% biodegradable what small jute bags an environmentally compatible product.

The fashion industry and manufacturers of large bags have been taken to ensure that the wood used for the handles are made of eco-compatible sources. The wooden handle on Jute Bag is not only an aesthetic material. Wood provides the robustness and further to bag allowing you to carry heavier loads force. The wooden handle is gently inserted a seam under jute do to maintain the right balance of weight.

Wood handles are smooth and polished and sit comfortably in the hand. Since the tote bag that is often used to transport heavy objects, soft wood is exceptionally useful and helps prevent blisters grip around a sturdy fabric based on the handle.

Jute lends itself to traces logo and colors that will last the test of time and overuse. Jute handbags with wooden handles are an excellent example of an industry that is increasingly aware of its needs to comply with environmental standards.

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