How to dress without wearing a bra?

A good occasion to leave without support is when we go to a party. There are a lot of dresses that look much better if we wear them without a bra. But it certainly is not good to do it to go to the office, as it may generate an inadequate impression. Although for women with small breasts it is easier to go without support, it is not the same with those of large breasts, for those who do not use them could become a painful and uncomfortable situation, because these will look without form and fallen.

dress without wearing bra

The most important thing is that you feel safe and comfortable. Without bra you will be more exposed, so if you are not comfortable, do not do it. There are other alternatives that can work very well, as there are in sports with the back uncovered or without strips. You need to select the right fabric, as not all work to go braless. The best to wear are synthetic ones such as nylon or lycra. Leave aside the light as silk, especially in warm tones.

To know if a garment looks good without bra, look at the mirror and be sensible. You can also wear blouses or dresses that integrate some type of support and thus avoid its use. Forget the loose-fitting blouses and neck-straps, are not the best idea for not wearing bra. If you have large breast strapless are not convenient, because it tend to fall.

On the other hand empire cut dresses, cross-straps and corset, are suitable from which do not raise and highlight the breasts. If color is treated, white is not the main option. On the contrary, it is a hit the black, dark tones and the prints. It is also a good choice the details at the height of the bust as those flops and pockets. Avoid the horizontal lines, because these will make this area look larger and more striking, revealing that nothing is worn underneath.

The cold will make your nipples prominent, so it is necessary to get well. To hide them and cover them, an alternative is to wear a jacket, coat or shirt over the blouse. You can also use nipple covers, which you can find in the lingerie stores. To divert attention from your breasts you can do it with accessories. If you’re wearing necklaces at the height of the chest will not distract the other looks, it is better to opt for large, flashy earrings.

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