Different styles evening dresses

evening dress 2011

It is essential that women have an evening dress in her closet because, even though it may not use every day, is necessary for certain special occasions, which can range from romantic dinners with couples, weddings, business dinners or other events. But to choose perfect gown, it is necessary to take into account various factors such as frequency of use, ...

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One of the garments that are fashionable is the blouse. This season, more than any other, come stomping, so in this article are some ideas and tips for you to know how to use it. Choose the one you like because the blouses are in style so if you do not have any model, read the proposals in this season ...

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The ideal dress according to your silhouette

silhouette dress

The dress is one of the stars of summer clothes. Fresh, light, practical and especially very feminine. What do you usually take into account when choosing a dress? Does the design, color, shapes…? Our taste influences but our silhouette determines although at first not aware of it. A certain neckline, a too tight model, a skirt with flight … it ...

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Choose a dress according to your body type

choose dress

Each has a different shape, but that does not prevent us from wearing a great dress in the occasion. Here we bring you some tips to choose the dress which fits the body you have: Very thin Try to find long dresses with many layers; it can help to highlight your slim body by adding the illusion of height. Avoid ...

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Sensual Dresses

elegant dress

There are many elegant dresses, multitude, because if something is this garment is its elegance, permanent, and almost ethereal, almost impossible to avoid, because the elegance of a dress is going with her, almost regardless of who take or how to bring it. And that is in order to bring another type of clothing we have to find the combination, ...

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Casual dresses

casual dress

The casual dress is probably one of the most difficult choices for the simple fact that has to be balance in style: not as formal and evening dresses, or as sporty as to cause an impression of little interest or as festive as a cocktail dress. So in this article we offer a few tips so you know choose the ...

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Black Cocktail Dresses

Black Cocktail Dress

The cocktail dresses are the perfect choice for special occasions where we dressed in formal and informal dresses. The cocktail dress is beautiful and sexy style and can be found in a variety of pretty colors like red, white, blue, black and many more. Here we are going to talk about the black color because it is a very appropriate ...

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Elegant gala dresses

gala dresses

The summer is over, and with it the holidays and leisure time. Return the obligations, the daily concerns… and, of course, social gatherings. We all know that fall is the time that many choose for weddings, or, if we talk about the work, in order to carry out presentations, conventions and all kinds of events ahead of the final stretch ...

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Cocktail dresses for teens

Cocktail dresses for teens

Before start talking about this kind of garments, we need to clarify the concept. What exactly is a cocktail dress and how it differs from other types of dresses of elegantly cut? The cocktails are celebrations that we should not avoid several times a year: it is common for weddings, communions, conferences or awards end up or start in this ...

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