Yellow Dresses: Dresses for Spring and Summer Color

yellow dresses

In spring and summer season it is advisable to opt for a dress that comes to offering great vitality with respect to the image, one option stands out as the classic you can use a yellow dress, a color highly related spring and the return of both the sun and the flowering in plants. Yellow dresses also can highlight on ...

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Roman Style Dresses

Roman dresses

The fashion can also be powered from the art and history, being one of those cases in which there is no denying this connection the Roman dresses, where often uses various features of these same without taking them to parody or simply use as costume, well you can say that it is a “back to basics”. In the first instance ...

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Keys to Body Fashion Trends to mark your curves!

This period, the girls have turned combatants and want to show the riskiest tendencies. And the one that we show you next comes treading loudly and showing meat… Will you dare with the body? The famous ones have already been inspired by the proposals of walkway and have recorded in notebooks which are the trends that cannot fail to carry ...

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Styling tips for the peplum dress

peplum dress

Appeared in The summer and this winter is reluctant to disappear. The peplum has become one of the IT of the season, yet who supports this flyer at the waist? We left doubts. Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Giambattista Valli bet on the peplum and presented, each in their own style on the catwalk for spring-summer 2012. Unknown term for those ...

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Wedding dresses to suit your body

wedding dresses

When a wedding is announced, the headaches begin. You know you’re not the protagonist, it is not you who will walk down the aisle, but it is clear that in such event, dress appropriately, is a must. Tired of the tacky dresses, are you ready to become the perfect guest? Forget about going long if it’s not your style; take ...

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Flowery short dresses

flowery dresses

So far this spring summer season, the dresses, like skirts, were the great exponents or players, but among them, the flowers have had a privileged place almost in the prints, making the dresses with flowers in the favorite of women. Among the dresses with floral prints, short dresses are the ones that have more demand. The fact is that although ...

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Different styles evening dresses

evening dress 2011

It is essential that women have an evening dress in her closet because, even though it may not use every day, is necessary for certain special occasions, which can range from romantic dinners with couples, weddings, business dinners or other events. But to choose perfect gown, it is necessary to take into account various factors such as frequency of use, ...

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One of the garments that are fashionable is the blouse. This season, more than any other, come stomping, so in this article are some ideas and tips for you to know how to use it. Choose the one you like because the blouses are in style so if you do not have any model, read the proposals in this season ...

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The ideal dress according to your silhouette

silhouette dress

The dress is one of the stars of summer clothes. Fresh, light, practical and especially very feminine. What do you usually take into account when choosing a dress? Does the design, color, shapes…? Our taste influences but our silhouette determines although at first not aware of it. A certain neckline, a too tight model, a skirt with flight … it ...

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Choose a dress according to your body type

choose dress

Each has a different shape, but that does not prevent us from wearing a great dress in the occasion. Here we bring you some tips to choose the dress which fits the body you have: Very thin Try to find long dresses with many layers; it can help to highlight your slim body by adding the illusion of height. Avoid ...

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