Wedding dresses to suit your body

When a wedding is announced, the headaches begin. You know you’re not the protagonist, it is not you who will walk down the aisle, but it is clear that in such event, dress appropriately, is a must.

wedding dresses

Tired of the tacky dresses, are you ready to become the perfect guest? Forget about going long if it’s not your style; take in a princess outfit with which you feel ridiculous idea that your curves woman advises you in the choice of dress.

Your silhouette and protocol will be keys to tune the radar of wedding dresses. We will provide you with some of the requirements that you must have your dress for the result, in addition to stylish, very flattering Aware!

wedding dresses

What time is the wedding?
The time zone determines the length of the dress. If the ceremony is in morning, essential to select a short dress, long at the knee, slightly above or below and free of sequins, feathers and other details associated with the night.

If the wedding is in the afternoon (17-18h), the short cocktail dress is still the only choice, although on this occasion, you can go too dressed in court’s tail hem or tissue and more sophisticated.

wedding dresses

Finally, when the wedding is at night, and you have permission to wear longs, but not an obligation. The style of the dress should be a gala and can be supplemented with a headdress.

Then you curious to know what type of dress will best suit your curves? Find out what silhouette you define and identifies the ideal dress.

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