The casual dress is probably one of the most difficult choices for the simple fact that has to be balance in style: not as formal and evening dresses, or as sporty as to cause an impression of little interest or as festive as a cocktail dress.

casual dress

So in this article we offer a few tips so you know choose the best dress of this style and never fail in your choice. Furthermore we show you the latest trends for the year 2012, to see if among those who’ll show you’re the one who was going with your look and personality.

Not all the dresses that we always have to be formal. There are many designs that can serve to show off at any time of day and in any situation. It is only a matter of knowing dressing and combine. You do not need much time to prepare and look great with this type of clothing.

How is a casual dress
The casual dresses are crisp, clean, and should be suitable even for an informal meeting in a workplace. In order to determine what is appropriate with respect to this type of clothing we must return to the basic concept of avoiding clothes too tight or too loose.

casual dress

If you like to wear pants (especially if you want to distance or ceremonial situations), the khaki or black will not fail, and even more if you use a slightly beat buttons shirt, and if the weather permits, a light sweater that can be of some bright color, but fleeing from the bright and festive decorations. When choosing accessories for casual dresses, check out the skin in light brown tones.

Casual dresses for different occasions
Whether women go to the mall, walking the streets, on a terrace or simply enjoying a coffee in the company of friends, women have the opportunity to explore the wide range of styles that include casual dresses, but always with into account, as discussed earlier, balance and sense of timeliness.

While within the range can include types of casual fabrics like denim or flannel, you have to know the difference between casual labor (neutral colors, little daring designs), casual daytime (earth colors, designs less conservative) and casual night that could be cocktail type, depending on the season of the year.

Once you know the differences between it and others don’t go wrong in your choice. You should only have the shoes and accessories suitable for each of these styles and see how simple it is to dress in this style. Furthermore, one of the most important things is that you do not need spend much time getting ready, whether it’s a casual look day or night.

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