Slippers: The new Bailarinas

Would you like to walk so comfortable that it seems that you’re wearing slippers to walk in house? Aware of this trend because slippers make your dreams come true.


Originally used by the British aristocracy to walk home, the slippers are the new fashion shoe. An ideal footwear to combine with shorts, mini dresses, skinny jeans or tuxedo for women.

The comfort is not at odds with the fashion and slippers are a clear example, we classify a average Bailarina, Moccasin. The former were velvet and embroidery carried the family coat of arms, its renewed version comes with tacks, colors and fun prints.

It’s come in all styles and prices. For a very reasonable amount you can find in Zara, Blanco and Asos.

Our fashion advice is that it looks simple bet on where the slippers have the entire leading role. Be careful with the width of the openings! Each foot fitting a different model, find your one.

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