Leather Skirt

leather skirts

When we talk about the looks that we wear during the months of autumn and winter, usually we usually think of pieces that we are or feel one way or another, but we’re always do the most trendiest and sophisticated. So when we compose a look, the most important thing is to think of a special garment that will change ...

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Cocktail dresses for every occasion

Black Cocktail Dress

Really, there are times when the cocktail dresses are unsurpassed in terms of elegance and style. Whether for a birthday, a party, or any other kind of event, a choice between many cocktail dresses available will make any woman feel both comfortable and sexy. These dresses are the most popular events to bring in both small and discreet as on ...

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Choose dress that’s perfect for you

choose dress

To choose a versatile image of all that we can desire take depending on the day, it is true that a garment can give us the greatest satisfaction: a dress. If we are very feminine women with a sophisticated touch, more than likely that we can carry out different looks based on a single dress. To do this, we need ...

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Star fabric: printed dresses

printed dresses

If there is a trend that certainly goes back every year and of course every summer whatever the occasion, these are the prints. The prints are a must that we can not ignore, since it can get to establish how we want to build our outfits. Therefore, it is suitable that we make with some items of this style for ...

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How to wear pencil skirts

wear pencil skirts

Spend time pass, the ever banish from our closet. They are thin, elegant, and feminine, sophisticated … and saved many possibilities that we can combine with other items that are present in our wardrobe. What type of clothing that we talk? Undoubtedly, the pencil skirts. Is there a add fashion to give as a unique prism styling? They are also ...

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Long dress: The indispensable of the summer

long dress

Every year there are clothes that revolutionize our closets, get clothes that look forward to when the weather is good and one of them is certainly long dress, the ideal garment for spring and summer. Spring and summer is the time of the straps, short and long dresses, shorts, sarongs, bikinis, bodysuits… But even so, the pledge queen every year, ...

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Elements of a Pageant

pageant dresses

Pageants are beauty contents that many little girls like to be in and that many girls’ parents like to enter them in. Some girls enjoy the process of getting to play dress up in beautiful dresses and makeup and then getting to show off their looks. Pageants also serve as great opportunities for parents to obtain amazing pictures of their ...

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Monkeys for wedding guests

Monkeys for wedding guests

Monkeys are one of the key pieces for this season, this winter and come with a vengeance whatever the occasion. A working dinner, a party with friends or, why not, a wedding. Dare them to be the guest more ‘cool’, and go through a time of classic guest dresses. If you’ve been to many weddings and don’t know what kind ...

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Midi skirts and dresses for this season

midi skirts

It is a trend that we can not avoid. The long midi is essential this season, and femininity and pleasure fifties reaches our days stronger than ever. The knees are no longer exposed, petite and tall can enjoy this sophisticated long, leaving half leg and bare feet, and that plays with flights of skirts and tube dresses of the sexiest ...

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Corsets: femininity and sensuality


Choose the perfect touch when composing a look for a given time is something essential to dress. Whether for a day’s work, for a meal with friends, for a night out or a romantic dinner with your guy, you choose the ideal outfit is a priority. For this reason, having a special piece in your wardrobe that is different from ...

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