How to Choose the perfect prom dress

Ideas on how to choose the perfect prom dress

That very important occasion, the prom, has nearly arrived. What is most definitely on one’s mind is what to actually wear. You will want the perfect prom dress; one which is special and unique just for you. Are you after something that is curve hugging or flowing? A sleek satin dress or a regal ball gown? With a little bit of forethought and creativity you can find your ideal style, colour and complimentary dress accessories.

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Firstly, you should consider what kind of budget you have access to. You can easily get caught up with the hype of specialness of prom night which might be somewhat unrealistic. Some stores may offer great sales which at first seem really good, but do shop around; there are always plenty of bargains out there. Your budget must also take into consideration your shoes and accessories. Set yourself a reasonable, achievable budget to avoid disappointment if items are too expensive. You do not have to spend a lot on your prom dress, however if budget is not a problem you may want to go for a designer dress. One of the leading prom dress designers is Jovani who have a fantastic collection to choose from, and are available online from Star Dust Boutique who deliver worldwide.

Knowing what body type you are may seem fairly obvious, but it will definitely help you when shopping around. Do you have a favourite style of dress which you feel most comfortable in? Look for that style but obviously one with a lot more glamour such as lace, diamantes or frills. Have you considered what sort of neck line you would like? Do you want a v-neck or a scoop neck line? Are you going to compliment this with a necklace?

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Where do you want to get your dress from? If you want to go out shopping set aside some dedicated time to wander around your local town to see what is on offer and take a trusted friend with you! Online is a great way to shop, it’s easier and may be cheaper as well. You can research popular, up to date styles and at the click of a button you can achieve the style you want. The internet is also a great place to find unique dresses which might not be available in modern stores.

Your accessories are vital to the final look of your overall outfit. What colour and style have you got in mind? Are you thinking of wearing hair accessories such as a tiara or extensions? Do you want matching necklace and earrings? Also, what type and style of shoe are you after? Try to visualise the overall picture and of course your comfort.

Many hair studios offer hair and makeup sessions. You may also want to get your nails done as well. Again search/ring around find out what your local hair studios have to offer and be clear about what you actually want. Try to book in advance for a trial run to ensure you are going to be happy with the overall results. Remember hair, makeup and nails which should all compliment your prom dress.

Why not consider drawing up a ‘Prom Plan’? Make up a list of what you really want to wear for your special prom night. Write down all of your ideas and eliminate them as you progress through it. For the perfect prom dress you need the perfect accessories to compliment it. Allow yourself plenty of time for your planning and obviously execution of your perfect prom night. Remember if shopping on line you may have to return something if it doesn’t actually ‘fit’.

Planning ahead can make a real difference. Be prepared and plan for your perfect prom with your perfect prom dress.

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