8 Keys to be a more elegant woman

Being an elegant woman is not only dress well and look good, but it is rather a comprehensive issue, of good taste, attitude and education. In this article we tell you some keys to being a more elegant and stylish woman.

elegant woman

Improves posture: Our body posture is essential. Little will be set if you are well dressed and covered up, if your figure seems curved or out of the axis. Always try to keep the back straight and head high, both when walking and when you site. It will be important that the position is, however, natural and you are seen comfortable and confident in it.

Makeup in perspective: Although the makeup is a great ally, will have to know how to use it, in the form and quantity, to avoid falling into the opposite effect. The natural remains the most elegant and suitable for the day: choose shadows rather brown or neutral, and nude lipstick, for an elegant but natural effect. An elegant woman does not need kilos of makeup; however, you need to highlight your peculiarities and your own beauty.

Be true to yourself: You’ll have to be authentic and to do this you must know more and follow your own style: it’s not just follow fashion, but you know what suits you best, according to your body and style, what tones are better your skin, and choose wisely. You will always find garments that more suited to you.

Pay attention to detail: Avoid wrinkled, dirty or stained clothing, any of these oversights do not add elegance precisely. Same for your hygiene and personal care, from your hair to your nails, everything must be carefully and harmony.

elegant woman

Seeks balance: Both in size, that is your measure, as in the combination of colors and textures, seeks balance. Do not use, for example, more than three shades in the same wardrobe, or combine animal print with sequin clothing. Your accessories must also be in balance.

If your wardrobe is sober, then maybe you can resort to a more eye-catching accessory. Now, if on the contrary your clothing is colorful, know very discreet with accessories.

If necessary, invest some money: Surely you will have to invest in some items that will add class and elegance: a pair of stilettos, perhaps, or an elegant and easy combination bag. A fragrance or good accessories, add to your image and presence as well.

Take care of language: As we said, it is not just about how you look, your appearance, it goes far beyond. It includes the way you speak, to express and move. If you want to be an elegant woman, not to be swear at the time of talk. Be friendly and show yourself well prepared.

Avoid showing brands: Do not add being proving to be what the designer is or the brand of the clothes that you take, in fact, elegant women are more discreet and do not need to flaunt anything to highlight own class. The elegance has to do with the good taste and not with the money or with the most expensive thing.

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