Making Eyes Smokey And Sultry

If you look at photos of beauty bloggers and big celebrities, you’ll notice one of the big current make-up trends is smokey eyes. However, smokey eyes are a classic look that can also work with all sorts of looks. From going on a night out to a casino, to a girls’ night at the club, smokey eyes will no doubt draw attention to you. Luckily, they’re also easy to do with the right technique, and it’s worth practicing so you don’t get the panda eye look. Here are a few tips for getting those smokey, sultry eyes you’ve always wanted.

smokey eyes

Prime your eyes

One problem with smokey eyes is that they can easily smudge and make you look more like you’ve been in a fight. If you’ve got a big night out planned, a lick of primer can get your eyes ready for the layers of eye products you’re going to apply, and can ensure things stay put.

Get rid of dark circles

Every woman suffers from dark circles now and again, so make sure you banish them before you add dark colours to your eyes. Use cucumbers on your eyes when you’re relaxing, or look for a concealer that will cover those dark circles before you start adding eye-shadow.

Choose the right shade

Making your eyes look smokey doesn’t necessarily mean smearing on the black eye shadow. If you want to get smokey eyes, different shades of dark blue, dark green, or even brown to suit your skin tone. Simply add a sweep over your lashes, less is often more in these circumstances.

There are different techniques to make smokey eyes, but one thing to try is:

  • Use an angled brush to add a line over your lashes
  • Take a smudge brush and soften the lines
  • Apply eye liner to your upper lids for an instant pop
  • Curl your lashes and add mascara.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to smokey eyes, and so try this out before a big night out for the best results.

Use the right mascara

Mascara should be light, should separate your lashes, and make them stand out. Dark black is best for smokey eyes, but make sure it doesn’t get clumpy or stick your lashes together, as this will make your eyes look messy. Try out some different mascaras rather than relying on clever marketing, as this will let you see how they look once they’re applied.

Smokey eyes are one of those make up tricks that can be difficult to master, but once you’ve learned how to apply them, you’ll want to do it every day. They are the kind of look that demand attention, so if you’re off for a night in a casino, or going somewhere glamorous, then it’s worth trying out smokey eyes. With many simple tricks that can be tried, it’s easy to get that sultry look once you’ve learned the technique, just keep practicing the look at home.

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