Scrubs and creams to look perfect lips

The lips are a part of our body very tending to dry because the overlying skin is very thin. The passage of time, the consumption of snuff or excessive gestures are just some of the main reasons for which the lips to part of dried off, if they do not receive proper care, can aging even in prematurely. The lips are a very important part for us and, therefore, we would like to inform about some lip creams and scrubs, essential to keep lips perfect.

dry lips

Lip scrubs
Imagine that you have an appointment improvised with a man and just your lips look a few unsightly skins that look, even long distance. I suppose that the hour of the kiss will not be as satisfactory as that might be. And so that these things will never happen, it is best to use a lip scrubs.

This product is very effective to remove the skins of the lips. In addition, these products contain moisturizing elements, but not be used in isolation but need to be complemented with some other product that hydrates. In addition, it is recommended to not use it every day, since the skin may become worn.

The lip scrubs can be found in any pharmacy or cosmetics shop and have to flavored gum and even edible! A very simple way to make homemade lip scrubs by mixing a teaspoon of honey with sugar in a bowl, stir it well and then you apply a little Vaseline. It’s that easy!

Creams and oils
In fact, any product containing components such as: petrolatum, glycerin, olive or jojoba, cocoa butter, wheat germ and lip balm with sun protection factor (SPF), among others, are very good for repair and care of your lips.

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