The Journey of Consigning with The RealReal

The global pursuit to integrate sustainability behind nearly all of our day to day practices is stronger than ever. Many of us are eating, consuming, and purchasing more mindfully with the goal of protecting our planet from the existing and impending dangers of climate change and our current consumption patterns. A strong trend in “new sustainability” is circular fashion and clothing consignment. By purchasing pre-loved fashion, the consumer is able to save both money and the environment, reducing their carbon footprint by giving a pre-loved piece a new home.

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The RealReal, a luxury consignment company, has revolutionized the way that consumers view luxury goods. Through The RealReal’s process, clients can purchase items that they otherwise wouldn’t own, can limit their carbon footprint & water usage, and brands can broaden their client range by allowing their items to become more accessible.

Most importantly, the items are guaranteed to be authentic, making the site much more reliable than eBay or other consignment sites. TRR employs several accomplished experts and geologists to hand inspect every single item that comes through their doors to make sure the client is getting exactly what they have paid for. Brands such as Burberry have taken note of the way working with The RealReal can broaden their client base, and are now offering special bonuses and services to clients who choose to consign a brand’s specific pieces. The site also offers a higher commission than many of their competitors, and items sell within 30 days, making The RealReal (TRR) the best choice for consigning a luxury item.

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The RealReal makes the process of buying and selling luxury fashion as easy for the seller as possible. You can earn real money from your clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories without doing any heavy lifting; the RealReal examines, photographs, and lists your items for you.

The first step in the process is to take a look into your closet and decide which pieces just aren’t getting the wear time that they deserve. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to trade in some of your old pieces for new ones! The RealReal takes a huge variety of designers, but the top designers that are consigned are Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Celine, Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Van Cleef & Arpels. Pieces can be Men’s or Women’s clothing, bags, jewelry, watches, or even home decor pieces or fine art. The pieces should be in decent condition, and will be inspected upon arrival to a TRR facility. The seller should also be one hundred percent sure that their item is authentic, as items that are proven to be inauthentic are not listed on the site and are not returned to the seller.

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to consign, you can make a consignment appointment with a Luxury Manager. During normal operating periods, you can go into a store or you can schedule a White Glove home appointment with an expert who can let you know how they can work with you on your pieces. During times where business has shifted to online, you can book a virtual consignment appointment or just have an online consultation to see how pricing and selling will work for your specific item without having to make any commitments. If you already know that you want to sell, you can ship your item(s) right to a TRR location with a FREE UPS pickup!

Once TRR has your items in their hands, it is time to authenticate and photograph the item before it can be listed. The authentication process is part of what makes TRR unique; every single item is hand inspected by an expert who can assure the buyer that they are getting exactly what they paid for. All Jewelry pieces are inspected by a gemologist to make sure all imperfections are specified. High risk and high demand items such as Hermes Birkin bags are sent to specialized experts. As the last line of defense, the Quality control team checks for final signs of a fake.

Next, TRR photographs the item to make sure it comes across as professional as possible. It also makes the site visually appealing as it has a uniform look. Their professional photography undoubtedly makes the items sell more quickly and makes the client feel that they are having that luxury shopping experience that they’d hope for when shopping for a designer piece in person.

Commission from each item really depends on how much experience the seller has on the site and how in demand their item is. For all items that have a resale list price of $146 to $195, the seller earns 50% of the sale. For watches selling from $1000 to $2499, Bags selling from $1000 to $4999 and Jewelry selling for over $1000, the seller earns 70%. For bags with a resale price of upwards of $5000, the seller is given 80%. For Watches with a price over $2500, the seller gets 85%. With TRR rewards program, the more you consign, the more you can earn per item as steps up from these commission boundaries. Your commission can also depend on how in demand or on trend your item is, with the more in demand items bringing higher commission.

If you have pieces in your closet that are collecting dust, now is the perfect time to turn them into real cash. Consigning with The RealReal is the simplest and best way to trade in luxury pieces for new ones; TRR gives both the buyer and seller the luxury experience that is desired with purchasing designer goods. Whether you have one item or twenty, TRR is the perfect partner for helping you consume more sustainably and honestly.

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