Tropical prints for summer

Looking forward to the summer, but in the meantime, we can continue to adapt our wardrobe to the days of sun and cocktails on the beach. The trend tropical installed between the most wanted this season, and brings all kinds of patterns and colors. Dresses, leggings, accessories, tops and hoodies with this print so colorful and cheerful. Who can deny?

tropical prints

Yes, it is true, it is a trend a bit difficult if we combine it, as the prints are usually very bright and colorful. The trick for the less skilled is mixed with black or white, so you always guess right. If you are the type to always innovate and take risks, try combining colors, not too many. You can use some of the minority color print to add a complement in this color, as it will create a nice visual mix and not be very obvious.

The dresses are the easiest choice, since only have to add some accessories. If the dress is loose, boho style, always add complements in this style with fringed handbags and ethnic jewelry. On the other hand, if the dress is tighter, to go out at night, go for discreet accessories, since the dress is enough, and it must be the protagonist of the look. Just do not forget to use a sun powder for a perfect tropical look.

The tops are also an interesting choice, since you can find prints of all kinds. Palms are the most viewed this year, and there are two tones, to make an easy to match pattern. In this way, you can take the tropical trend without having to go for the more flashy style, if it is not yours.

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