The ‘Lace Up sandals’, controlled!

The term lace up sandals refer to the sandals with laces that have become a growing trend among bloggers and fashion followers. They are elegant but with a casual twist while, so you’ll have to adapt to all kinds of looks.

lace up sandals

These sandals with laces or straps were already seen in the previous season, for example in the Tom Ford show, in a rather less versatile version than we see in low cost stores, but that also caused a furor. These Tom Ford are only suitable for more slender legs, and with miniskirt.

In stores you can find many different versions. The black model of Zara is the most popular because it is the best you can combine with your summer clothes. Sandals are ideal for use with boyfriend jeans, a cotton shirt and a clutch, a chic casual style. They are also perfect to wear with a stylish, ideal for a cocktail dress. They also added an extra creativity to your outfits.

Other versions feature striking shades or patterns. Giuseppe Zanotti Red is ideal for use with your LBD, giving it a twist, along with ethnic style accessories. The Jimmy Choo, animal print, is ideal to wear with fashionable color, rosewood summer.

Although these lace up sandals are a trend that attracts us a lot, keep in mind that not everyone feel good. If you have thick ankles, avoid them, or your legs will seem less stylized.

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