Top 10 Trending Tattoos 2016

Like all things, tattoos tend to have trending designs from one year to the next. Kids temporary tattoos can be a great addition to every-day play or to use at parties. Parents can choose to make their own with the use of printable temporary tattoo paper or shop online for the best selection in trending ideas. For 2016, there are ten trending tattoos to check out.

trending tattoos

  1. Butterflies – Bright, colorful butterfly tattoos are a huge hit this year. They are perfect for young children of all ages. Choose from true-to-life designs or pick up cartoon versions complete with flowers and glitter.
  2. Music notes/instruments – For kids that have a particular love of music, consider the selection of music-themed temporary tattoos. These include basic music notes, dancing insects, and popular instruments like the piano, drums, and saxophone.
  3. Lady bugs – One theme that never goes out of style is the lady bug. Perfect for spring parties, Halloween, children and adults.
  4. Disney characters – No tattoo party for kids would be complete without the best Disney characters. These licensed pieces include old and new stars alike. Choose from FROZEN, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Toy Story, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Looney Tunes, and so many more.
  5. Creepy crawly critters – Spiders, flies, worms, and scorpions are just some of the popular tattoos trending in the creepy crawly critter category. There are several designs which are friendly and cartoon-like, but also just as many that look life-like.
  6. Tribal designs – Tribal tattoos have been trending for years. In 2016 it will be focused on dragons, eagles, and fish. Pick up these designs with or without color for a sleek option that is fun and temporary.
  7. Fish/Sharks – Individuals who love all things under the sea will go crazy for the selection of shark, fish, and dolphin themed tattoos available today. There are literally dozens of different designs that are both friendly and life-like. Kids can have their pick of one or a few to show off their interest in the underwater world.
  8. American Freedom – Another classic tattoo option that doesn’t go out of style is the Americana freedom. These feature brightly colored items in red, white, and blue. There are different styles including the classic American flag and a flag-inspired eagle. For temporary tattoos that appeal to the adults, consider some of the soldier themed designs.
  9. Tribal bands – Go for something classic with a modern twist with tribal bands. Instead of the basic tribal design or barbed wire, choose a kid-friendly option like flowers, tire tracks, or butterflies.
  10. PawPrints – With the success of animal themed shows for kids, it is no surprise that paw prints are another trending tattoo style this year. Consider joining in on the fun with brightly colored paws for dogs and cats.

When applying tattoos, be sure to clean the area and let it dry first completely. This will make it easier for the tattoo to stick to the skin. The tattoo will naturally start to peel off within a day or two, or can be removed using baby oil and a cotton swab.

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