A Primer For Those Wanting To Wear Jewellery (But Don’t Know How)

Jewellery is amazing for many reasons – the rarity of the precious metals and gemstones, the intricacy and beauty of the pieces themselves and the way wearing them can really transform an outfit for the better. The problem is that some people – even if they admire jewellery – have no idea how to wear it to get the most out of it. No need to fear, though – in this article, we provide some great tips to help you get started wearing jewellery with all the confidence in the world.

Wear Jewellery

Establishing your comfort zone

Rather than making the decision to right away go out and buy diamonds in Sydney, knowing where to safely start is the best thing to do by far. Finding and establishing your comfort zone will help you start from a safe place – for example, start wearing what you’re most comfortable with, be it earrings, rings or bracelets.

Also make sure that they are not too in your face when it comes to design – classic metals, such as gold, silver and rose gold are ideal for this. Once you work out what piece you want to run with, you can then choose something nice and small to show it off. If you want to wear more rings, put on something that is small and delicate, or at least something that won’t have people looking over from the other side of the room. If you want to wear earrings, studs are a good place to start as they are usually very subtle. Once you’ve established your groove in this regard, you should make your jewellery wearing a regular thing – don’t just have it as a weekend dress up occasion, as making it a habit is what is going to really get you familiarised with your jewellery, and it gives you more tangible places to progress.

Start creating your collection

Once you know that diamond jewellery is for you by wearing it regularly, you can take the next step by begging the layering of your pieces. We have already established that you should set your comfort levels with a single piece, but at this stage you should consider introducing a different kind of piece in conjunction with the one you already wear. For example, along with your rings you might also start wearing a bracelet. Then repeat the same process, where you wear these things for an extended period of time until you establish a comfortable feeling, and then either switch out one of your pieces for a new one or add a brand new one into the mix. You might want to start researching new pieces and buying pieces that you like the look of that you know you’re comfortable with and by the time you know it, you’ll be wearing jewellery all the time and rocking it!

Organisation is important

As you might be new to the wonderful world of jewellery, quickly buying new pieces all of the time will eventually cause your collection to grow to a point where you need to actively consider storage options. Good organisation of your jewellery is necessary to help you find things at a glance, just as is the case with a wardrobe. Even if you don’t want to invest in an expensive storage box, make sure your pieces are always neat and visible.

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