Cosmetics for illuminating your face!

illuminating makeup

When you feel the skin on your face does not have light, looks dull and without vitamins… It is time that use these tricks to get a face with more light. Read on to discover! Not all women have the habit of make-up. But what we do know all is that after a bad night need to use makeup to ...

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Bold eyebrows, XXL Eyebrows!

bold eyebrows

From small we are obsessed with our eyebrows. If too thick or long we started, at an early age, to shape and remove more and more hair. Good or bad? Well now demonstrated that smoking is very harmful. The reason is that, as we remove hairs, the root loses strength and we are being left with too thin eyebrows, you ...

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Hairstyle Step by Step: tight ponytail

tight ponytail

Learn all these tricks one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for the summer. You will provide an image very chic, the pair that comfort. All in one. Read on to know all the secrets of the tight ponytail. A tight ponytail must be high. How to add a plus? If you include a little toupee in the result. But not ...

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Myths and truths of the world of beauty

beauty myths and truths

There are countless tips and tricks of beauty, but what is that rely on? There are many things we do not know or those who have a misconception. When it comes to caring for our bodies, we must be careful and know what good practice. There are many myths about beauty and body care. It is therefore important separates the ...

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Beauty Tips: Combat dark circles!

combat dark circles

One night of poor sleep, weeks of exhaustion, congestion and colds or hereditary factors can diminish vitality to our eyes, making dark circles protagonists. Here give you some beauty tips to make it go unnoticed. Saving the exceptions where the dark circles are the result of genetic load, this sign usually appears when we have not rested enough, and manifested ...

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