Pamper your feet!

It sustains us throughout the day and continues our pace, so we have to look after it’s as it deserve. Giving it’s the attention will look healthy and beautiful.

pamper your feet

With summer not only reduces our clothes, the feet also are exposed and need the pampering. The heels, strips sandals, heat and long days of shopping and tourism can damage it. We do not want to be damage it and for this we must take action.

When skin of our feet is dehydrated it’s dry and cracked. So long exposed to its easier to happen. Similarly we apply moisturizer all over our body; we must also extend to the feet. If this is not sufficient to restore the smoothness, we can cover with a thick layer of moisturizer and wrap. Let it all night and see the good results in the morning.

We can get a pedicure at home and remove dead skin. But it is also important to visit a specialist who advised us more about the particular needs of our feet.

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