Crochet Vest: Three ways to wear it!

Have you bought a vest and do not know how to put it? Attentive to the multiple combinations for this summer.

Crochet Vest

Crochet vest, apparently somewhat hippie, you can become the most chic if you know combined. So then let’s keep awake different ways of wearing a vest of these characteristics according to the time of day.

Dare to wear it to the office, in an afternoon of reeds or even for a night of celebration.

Look for the office:
Upgrade your office look with a touch of Ibiza, as long as the style of company where you work, is modern and current and does not require the use of the suit jacket.

Crochet Vest

Casual look:
For those weekends where want to go more comfortable, committed crochet vest. Pair it with shorts and sandals.

Crochet Vest

Party look:
At night the crochet vest becomes more chic combining with sequins, beads and more sophisticated fabrics.

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