Dry Shampoo: Advantages and disadvantages

We’ve all had a bad hair day. Those days when you wake up late and you have to go running to the office without having time for a shower. Those meetings or appointments of contingency at which you must assist in conditions. For these cases in which you do not have time, dry shampoo is a very effective solution, since it makes disappear the appearance oiled of the hair. And the fact is that it is very important to take care of our appearance, for nobody is nice to see a little care or dirty hair.

using dry shampoo

The hair is one of the most important parts and that most defines our identity. To take the elegant, clean and healthy hair is one of the objectives of the majority. Whenever we use a product must meet both its benefits and its drawbacks. It is for this reason that today we’ll tell you all about dry shampoo. Take note.

Advantages of dry shampoo

  • The mode of implementation is very simple, since it applies in ‘spray’.
  • It helps prolong the life of our hair.
  • Prolong the life of the dye.
  • Ideal for people who tend to have oily hair.
  • It component that absorbs the fat of the hair and leaves it as freshly washed. Ideal for ‘save’ a bad hair day.
  • Ideal also for after the gym and have sweated enough. It will not leave any trace of activity.

Disadvantages of dry shampoo

  • It is not advisable when you have very oily hair. In this case it is better to be organized in a different way, but take a shower.
  • It can reduce the natural shine and the hair look dull and dehydrated.
  • It can be increased dandruff, especially if you have dry scalp.
  • The white powder. Some brands can leave white powder as also happens with some deodorants. In this case it is advisable to remove it quickly.
  • We should not use this product as a substitute for the showers. We will use it only for specific situations.
  • The abuse of the product can cover the pores of the scalp and not be beneficial to the health of our long hair.

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