How to dress in a graduation if you are male

Graduation is one of the most special moments of our lives. All the efforts made during the years of study is now being rewarded and thus a ceremony where we are offered the honorary title. However, we must consider what outfit we wear for the occasion, since the clothing is extremely important in this day.

If graduation requires formal attire

When the invitation of the event is sent to the attendees, what clothes usually indicated should take: either formal or casual. In most rankings of masters we have to dress in formal way. However, in many colleges and universities is not strictly necessary to dress this way and attire can be more informal or casual.

formal attire

For a graduation requires a formal dress should play it safe: the suit and tie. Try to choose neutral colors like black, gray or navy. Within these colors we can choose different shades and combine them with a tie or a bow tie that we deem most appropriate. You must keep in mind that graduation is not an event to call attention for the originality of your clothing, but to collect official certificate of studies. Therefore, wears a suit straight formal cut, with neutral colors and a tie to set. You can risk a little about the tie (or a bow tie if you prefer), shoes (more modern than the classic cut, but never in very bright colors) and hair (you do not need to unleash the grate to one side or the hair slicked back if this isn’t your style).

The shirt can be your best ally in this type of clothing because the costume is so serious, shoes and tie, the shirt can be clearly color or with a small print: as very fine lines or squares. Finally, remember that this is a formal ceremony in which you measured your shapes and behave according to the event, so be careful with the suit and remember unbuttoned button suit to sit down and buckle up when you wake up.

If graduation does not require formal attire

Depending on the school or the University may not require dress label and clothing that we bring to this event listed as casual. That does not mean you can go in sports trousers and slippers. What it means is that it is not necessary to wear a full suit with shirt, tie and matching shoes.

informal attire

The fact of being a man does not have less possibility in terms of attire, since it is you who can shine also excellently on this day. The best would be to combine the formal wear as informal, i.e., a chino trousers with a nautical or shoes of dress, with a light shirt and a suit (not necessarily matching).

If you love fashion of the jeans with suit you should wear them with a dress shoes, a shirt and a tight suit (since a wide will make you look thicker). With this type of dressing also can wear a tie, a few straps or a bow tie if you feel comfortable with this style. You can dispense with the suit if you do not want to take it. A man not only looks arranged with it, since you can wear chinese trousers with a formal shoes and a pole and look elegantly well.

A graduation with a casual dress can help man to wear something that feel most comfortable. However, remember that this is a formal event and that you must save the forms in terms of clothing. So, we do not show fluorine colors or too flashy, sneakers, hats or complements neither for the head nor any strident pattern, since we collect the title in front of everyone and bring a clothing of this type appear to be a lack of respect verse to educators and attendees.

Just remember that whether formal or informal clothes we should wear at the event must wear something we feel comfortable at all times, following the rules of graduation and do not feel in disguise, since sometimes when a man dressed in a too formal way and is not used to it can feel uncomfortable. There are millions of suits in stores, so we just spend a bit of time to choose what is best for you and enjoy in big day of your graduation.

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