Keeping up with the trends with new lashes

Changing your eyelashes is one of the most popular ways to enhance your appearance in the eye area. If you have a vibrant eye color, you can use lashes to bring attention to your eyes and make them more noticeable. You can also use fun and funky lashes to make your appearance more fashion oriented for nights on the town. Whatever the case, there are eyelashes that are designed for your need.

changing eyelashes

What types of lashes are available?

Strip Lashes
These lashes are made specifically for short term use. These types of lashes are usually applied with some sort of adhesive, which is often included in the packaging of the lashes. These types of lashes are generally made to be natural and blend in with your lashes in a way that is not heavily noticeable.

Individual Lashes
These lashes are much more time consuming to have done, but last a great deal longer than the strip lashes do. You can get whatever length lash that you want, and the pieces are attached to your eye with an adhesive. These lashes last for 2-6 weeks, depending on what type of adhesive your aesthetician uses. While strip lashes are perfectly acceptable for someone to put on in the comfort of their own home, individual lashes are designed with the idea that a professional will do the application, and when it is time for you to have them removed, you will go back to them and have them do it. The reason for this is because of the adhesive that is required to be used so that they will stay for that length of time.

Eyelash Extensions
If you have the money to spend getting a high class style of eyelashes, then eyelash extensions could be just the thing for you. This process takes a few hours, and not something that a practical person would do on a normal basis. These extensions are added onto your existing eyelashes to make them thicker and longer.

What are some tips to using eyelashes?

Apply your lashes after you have applied your makeup
If you want to have your eyelashes stay on for the longest amount of time, make sure to apply your makeup and eyelashes in the correct order. Eyelashes should be applied after all of your other makeup is put on, including your eyeshadow and other eye products. If you have eyelashes that last longer than strip lashes, you will not have to worry about this.

Use tweezers to make your lashes more accurate
The easiest way to keep your lashes lined up and going on smoothly is to manipulate them using tweezers. This will help you not to get your finger in the adhesive or get it positioned in a crooked way on your eye.

Never use them if you are having eye problems
Anyone who classifies themselves with eyelashes manufacturers will tell you that if you are having some sort of eye problem, you should avoid using the lashes during this period of time. The best idea would be to not use any products on your lashes until the infection has healed, but if you must, only use mascara so that your eyes have time to heal.

Having long, beautiful lashes is one of the most desirable physical attributes that women want. There is something that is romantic about having fluttering eyelashes, whether they blend in naturally or are an aesthetically interesting pattern, like feathers.

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