Waist High Bikinis offer Coverage and Sex Appeal – Try One On this Summer

In the past, shopping for a plus size swimsuit was problematic. It seemed as though designers thought that plus size girls either wanted to cover up and hide or show off in a way that was, in a word, unflattering. Every swimsuit seemed custom designed to make the wearer feel inadequate, unattractive, or old. How many times were beautiful women brought to tears because of their scant choices in swimwear? It can still be that way in traditional department stores.

waist high bikinis

For a plus size girl, the traditional department store is often a sea of frustrations when it comes to finding a flattering swimsuit. Usually, the section for plus sizes is either hidden, tiny or both, making it almost impossible to find and, on top of that, the selection is minimal at best. Add the fact that often the few pieces of swimwear are completely unsexy, and it is easy to feel that stores want plus size girls to keep themselves hidden.

Fortunately, a revolution is underway and plus size girls are finally getting the swimsuits they deserve. With plus size models like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham showing that plus size and sexy definitely go hand in hand, there has been an online explosion of great swimsuits. Today, with a short search, a sexy plus size bikini is just a click away. Many online retailers — such as fashion forward swimsuits for all — cater exclusively to the needs to plus size shoppers and Ashley Graham herself has lent her name to sponsor a new lineup of sexy plus size swimwear.

The waist high bikini is one particular trend on the rise, and that’s because it allows plus size women to capture the flair and chic of 50s pinup charm. When most people think of waist-high bikinis, images of Sophia Loren come immediately to mind. Waist-high bikinis cover and flatter while showing off a playful, sexy side, offering you the best of both worlds! Classy and feminine, it’s easy to feel like a glamorous pin-up model while sporting this celebrity embraced, classic look.

This retro-inspired trend can require just a little bit of daring, but channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe has never been easier thanks to the plethora of design choices being offered by online retailers, proving that the sexy plus size bikini is the perfect way to branch out and show the world that the plus size body need not be hidden.

The fashion industry is starting to break free of the idea that curvy girls need to keep themselves covered up and are instead embracing new trends that really flatter, and you can start taking advantage of it right away. Shop around for the best swimsuit in your size today; you are going to love what you see.

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