Facial cream: best way to implement it!

Below we will describe the 5 steps that you must follow if you want your creams meet the promised effect. Take a closer look and boasts face.

use facial cream

Give us our creams is an essential operation to delay the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. To achieve a careful and radiant complexion every day, you just need five minutes two times a day. But for the products used to do their job with full efficiency should know how to apply it.

Start with the serum
The serum becomes our perfect partner to give our skin an extra dose of hydration and nutrition. To contain its most concentrated ingredients, simply apply a few drops of the product and feel, thus all its benefits.

The key is knowing how to properly distribute the serum in our face. How? A droplet in each temple, in each cheekbone and in each corner of the lips. Finally, apply a small drop in the neck.

Massaging the area
The serum to penetrate our skin and fulfills its role, used movements are fundamental. To the droplets applied at the temples, use horizontal movements from the inside of the eye to the outside.

For droplets that we’ve taken on the cheekbones and the corners of the lips, it is necessary to mix with rotary movements that go from bottom to top to stretch the skin tight. Finally, using vertical movements to the neck area.

Significant areas
In addition to the contours of eyes, indispensable to reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles, another area that we often forget is that of the earlobes. As it is the case with the skin of our face, the skin of the lobes tends to lose firmness, which increases with the continued weight of earrings. So, remember these areas when applying cream!

Do not be impatient
You can’t moisturizing cream nothing more finish lend the serum. It is important that you wait for a couple of minutes for the serum has been totally absorbed in our skin and penetrate all the areas previously massaged. Same goes to apply makeup: wait a few minutes for your cream has fulfilled its purpose. The cream will act as a basis for your cosmetics last longer.

Ends with cream
To apply the cream correctly, simply follow the same guidelines we use to give the serum: six droplets in the face and one in the neck. It uses the same movements to ensure complete absorption.

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