Green mint is on the street!

Fashion is going through a time of change. From this we are all aware. Now bring back the natural, proper, without tinkering with few accessories. Now is the natural fashion.

green mint

Spring is here. Perhaps the time will not be with us quite yet but it looks like the green mint color appears strongly.

As one of the strongest trends this Spring/Summer 2012 is undoubtedly the so-called green mint. This color is the most popular is taking between the entire ranges of cakes. For this reason, the famous have already begun to use it in their looks.

green mint

The green mint combines seamlessly with other pastel colors but also fits with vibrant colors and, of course, as with the basic black or white with what combination of colors you stay?

If you still do not have your pledge in green mint color, and you can find everything in the shops: skirts, jeans, shirts, and even blazers. But it is not the only soft color of the season; we can also find faded colors such as salmon, yellow or pink. What is your favorite?

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