I have a beach wedding: What should I wear?

More and more couples are choosing to get married in a setting as bucolic as the sea. If you have been invited to one of these beautiful and romantic beach weddings, do not worry because we are going to give you some tips so that you do not make a mistake when dressing and so that you are ideal and comfortable, as well as appropriate for the ceremony.

wedding guest look on the beach

Take advantage of the relaxation of these ceremonies and opt for fluid fabrics with a lot of movement, whether they are gauze or tulle. Discard dresses and garments that are too tight and rigid fabrics and choose floral or plain prints with bright tones, whether pastel, such as coral or light blue, or more vivid such as turquoise, violet or red, as in like work. You will surely be tanned, so take the opportunity to show off cleavage (but without going overboard), but we have many more tricks for you.

Ideas for your wedding guest look on the beach

The first thing to think about before going on the hunt for the perfect dress is whether the wedding is in the morning or in the afternoon. The beach weddings have a less strict protocol that in a church, but even so, there are some guidelines you should know.

If the wedding is in the morning, our advice is to opt for a short dress or a skirt with a top. If you don’t feel like wearing a short dress, another option is the floral printed palazzo pants, for example, combined with a nice asymmetrical blouse or a jumpsuit.

wear at beach wedding
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If the ceremony is in the afternoon-night, you are in luck because the long chiffon dresses, both plain and flowery, are very fashionable and in stores you will find a wide variety. You can also choose pants or a long skirt.

It does not hurt that you also find out if there is any additional protocol, such as whether it will be an Ibizan wedding (if it is not, avoid white at all costs), or hippie or if there are a series of colors chosen in the decoration.

The perfect shoes for your seaside outfit

The footwear is perhaps one of the most complicated issues as far as beach weddings are concerned, because besides comfortable you’ll want to go to fashion.

Ideally, you should find out if there will be a rigid platform or a stage mounted on the sand for the ceremony or it will take place directly on the sand. If it is on the sand, the ideal is to go with a flat sandal (there are beautiful ones) or barefoot, directly (think about how comfortable you will be: no chafing or foot pain). Of course, there are many women who do not consider the option of going with flat shoes to a wedding. In the case of not wanting to give up your heels, choose either a wedge (more casual) or wide heel, no stiletto heel.

Accessories to surprise at a beach ceremony

The accessories should be short, light, simple and small. Forget about big necklaces and big bags. Opt for patterned accessories if your dress is plain and vice versa. Raffia wallets with embroidery are a perfect choice. The flowers in your hair will match perfectly as well, be it a single headdress or a crown. The straw hats are another great option for weddings- and do not forget a shawl, if the wedding is in the evening, because at the edge of the sea the temperature will drop.

Simple tricks to show off your long hair

Finally, for the hairstyle choose a light and moving hairstyle. A few waves with the loose hair is the touch of freedom that a beach wedding requires. But if your hair is very curly by moisture or you are wearing a dress with a low neckline that you want to wear, better the casual semi-gathered braid type, no tight bows or too formal hairstyles. The same happens with makeup, you should opt for a very light makeup, with soft and pastel shades, waterproof and if the wedding is during the day, do not forget sunscreen.

What not to wear at beach wedding

And in case you have doubts, here we leave you five things that you should not under any circumstances do for your guest look at a beach wedding:

  1. No fine heels, no stilettos.
  2. Forget too stiff fabrics and tight dresses.
  3. Without dark tones, leave the color black for other occasions, as much as you want.
  4. Forget the necklaces and maxi accessories.
  5. No tight bows, no hair lacquer.

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