Put your neckline in value

A neckline is still the best asset of seduction for a woman, the neckline is very feminine yet it must choose the form and the material.

put neck in value

You should choose the right cut to put neck in value which one is small breasts or comfortable chest. For small breasts, go for cover hearts that give more volume visually or V-necklines and opting for cuts as close to the body.

There are now a wide range of forms in T-shirts. For the small or medium-sized silhouettes, choose cuts curved with a notch and folds under the fabric stretch chest close to the body. For those who have a chest not far from the 95C, go for round or square cutouts. For rounder women, opt for yokes in the chest.

If you have a really small chest, it is possible to give volume using silicone pads that are placed in the bra or opt for bra push-up. It is also possible to give radiance to the neckline powdering slightly.

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