Sequins for all, not just for party!

If you like glitter, you’re in luck, because the sequins are a growing trend, not just to carry to party. You can find amazing clothes to wear on your day to day with this lovely detail with a casual style. We have always associated with sequin evening gowns, but now come out in the light of the day. So we can take them all the time.

wear sequins

What is warm in winter with a knitted sweater? But do these garments have already bored with only a color and lack of grace. Well here are some sweaters with sequin detail. A garment with a female and a special touch to carry the day. You will shine wherever you go.

wear sequins

Put together the military style with sequins? We know that seems totally impossible, or will not be, but the fact is that the Grim Reaper in olive green with these brilliant detail is totally cool. A lovely idea to take a very simple look, with jeans and a plain shirt. And do you think of this black bomber with glitter. It’s casual, youthful, and you can even wear with sneakers. The mixtures were carried, so do not hesitate to ask.

wear sequins

If you want something totally different, beyond the fitted dress and lace, here is the proposal of the season: a sequined pant. They come in several stores in black, gold or silver. The top should be very simple to combine well and highlight the pants that will be the absolute protagonists of the look.

If still you have not fond to wear sequins or you think something overly conspicuous, try a garment having a detail. You’ll see how then go directly to seek your dress or your shiny pants without think about it.

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