Styling Tips: Sunless colors

A few weeks before starting the summer and even slightly tanned skin, we suggest alies to the colors that enhance your “tan”.

Each year you are thinking of sunbathing before spring comes to wear the season’s trends with flattering results. However, you realize that the bull catch you again!, And you’re looking for foolproof tricks to enhance your tan.

Increasingly milder temperatures, say goodbye to the means and it’s time to uncover the body Oh god, I’m so white! The reality is that when the skin gets a little color, the clothes feel better and get healthier look.

However, did you know there are certain colors that visually enhance our tan? You just have to know how to choose what dress colors appear to be darker than normal.

In a season in which pastel reign and fluoride versions, one will have to pay more attention to the color intensity. Remember that the pastel shades bring serenity, romance or frailty. It is perfect to soften harsh factions. Meanwhile the more acidic colors are your allies if you want to contribute cheerfully and dynamism to your image.

That said, let’s identifies what colors to wear to visually enhance our brown, and would ready to color your wardrobe with sunless colors tanning? Bright colors are your allies.

sunless colors

  • In its Green version mint green or emerald green colors are highly recommended to enhance the tanning.
  • Coral: Summer characteristic color is another ally and raspberry pink, fuchsia or magenta.
  • Deep yellow and acid orange in addition to brightness enhance skin tone. This color is very fashionable this season.
  • sunless colors

  • White and black is a binomial it is advisable for dark skin because it accentuate the tone, however, are inadvisable if you are already pink skin that will cause the opposite effect on you.
  • Turquoise is another color that favors very summer tan. Opt for the light version.

Finally, and although you enjoy many pastel colors, keep in mind that are not recommendable if you are light skinned because neutralize your skin tone.

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