The classic turtleneck is modernizes

What would be a winter without turtleneck sweaters? And it is, with the arrival of the cold, both men and women to fill wardrobe of thick and warm garments that protect from the cold, including never missing, the turtlenecks. And no more handy garment with the onset of winter these sweaters, wool normally, although a few we feel good because add extra kilos and not stylized silhouette at all, keep us toasty when the temperatures low.

turtleneck sweaters

However, this winter classic turtleneck sweaters have decided to modernize and invest in other forms, wider and larger, that frame less faction and will make us look more beautiful. And it seems to be that this winter the oversized trends will prevail over any other fashion: shelters will be longer that ever, the wider sweaters and classic turtleneck will also follow this trend to widen and leaving us to breathe a bit more.

In addition, the big fashion brands have clear that winter is not the same without the classic turtleneck by what they have brought to the market all kinds of sweaters of this style. In this sense, then, you can find plain turtleneck sweaters (neutral, pastel or bright colors), with prints of all kinds (animal print, floral print, geometric shapes…), even with sequins and glitter.

And, in order to fashion brands is to stop considering this type of sweaters a classic garments and put it together with more modern trends to be able to wear it at any street style styling. However, there is one rule remains: wool. And it is that a turtleneck may not be of another material that is not this.

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