The versatility of ethnic jacket

The ethnic trend takes several seasons as the protagonist and reflected in all kinds of clothing and accessories. This great success is due to its versatility, as there are inspirations as varied as the Aztec culture to the African. In addition, in this kind of prints, it is possible to many combinations of colors, elements and shapes. In the collections of major brands, can both find a version deluxe ethnic jackets, as the most casual and informal version.

ethnic jacket

You have proposals full of bright colors that are more daring jackets. By its large number of shades, they may be difficult to combine. If in doubt, choose a color of garment accessories stand out and take on that color, with the other clothes in neutral tones. The mix of geometric figures is also very typical of this trend, so do not be afraid to excess, at least in a garment.

For those girls who want a much more discreet, they can choose the models that only have an ethnic detail, either on the shoulders or in pockets or otherwise. Thus, a garment as typical as a denim jacket reinvents itself and becomes fashionable clothing.

ethnic jacket

The fashion brands have launched versions quite elegant, quilted garments that are original and that can be used in different seasons. The intricate pattern contrasts with the simplicity of the cut in these jackets, with mandarin collar and three-quarter sleeves.

For a casual look, you can use informal garments into smooth tones, form that highlight the ethnic print jacket. Use soft colors and accessories that combine print with hues of your jacket. The jewelry should be simple too, to avoid falling into excess.

ethnic jacket

With these jackets is less common to see party looks, but it is also possible, as there are very sophisticated formats. In this case, you can opt for highlights and cool tones or warm, depending on the color of the jacket.

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