Tricks to stylize your figure

If there is something that all women who are not too high, we want when it comes to clothing, it is the fact that our figures to look sufficiently lean, high and stretched. Although the heels can make miracles, many times the fact of having the trunk it become too postmodern for its own good long does not depend on precisely the footwear, but of the clothing itself.

stylize figure

Therefore, to stop thinking about what kind of clothes they are what we use when we dress to make it right, we give you the unique keys that will get our body to be their best.

To begin with, we must think about the fact that there are some clothes that are more encouraging than others if we are looking for precisely lengthen. For example, jeans pants, especially high-waisted, although we are not very high, always having an optical effect that will cause the style is much longer than normal. This will help us feel even higher than we really are. Use with crop-tops, that we both speak today will make us a great favor at any time.

Moreover, we can also bet on the short dresses that cling to the waist. In the summer, there’s nothing better than its look, and if we combine it with a good heels or wedges, which often make optically we seem much higher and stylized. What also happens with long skirts or dresses if we tie below the chest. Appear to our waist begins much earlier and get more stylized feel.

Make shoes with height and clothes having a more deep size are your greatest allies, and boasts figure!

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