Beach outfits: Choose your style!

It seems that summer has arrived, finally!, And beach fun days during the holidays are almost a reality. Although these cases are imposed carefree outfits, do not fall into the mistake of putting the first thing we found in the closet. You can have fun combining your clothes to achieve different styles, so you go divine even in the most informal beach.

navy outfits

This style becomes every summer, and is reinvented in a thousand ways, but always with the detail of the stripes as essential. With the wide variety of bikinis you have today in low cost stores, you can find one suited to each style. Do not forget that the colors in this class look are navy blue, red and white.

sport outfits

For the more athletic, there are ideal for going to the beach, comfortable clothes. Even fashion brands are creating their special collections for the gym. The colors should be very present, to achieve a more youthful and fun. Do not forget fashion sneakers with amazing colors combinations.

ibizan outfits

This is another classic that never dies, and returns each summer. The color white is also essential natural accessories, made with straw, leather or raffia. You can look at the positions hippies on the island, which always have very special and original things.

retro outfits

If you are the type who loves vintage style, you can also take it to the beach. This year the retro bikinis are fashionable, and become the crabbers, so it will be very easy to achieve that flavor.

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