Boots and Dress Shoes Can Make You Taller

If you are a man suffering from low self-esteem due to your height, you may think there is nothing you can do about it. Lately shoe manufacturers have realized the potential of height increasing shoes for men.

height increasing shoes

These shoes incorporate the style and comfort of ordinary shoes with a lift inside to increase the height of the person wearing them. The best part about these shoes is that they are available in many different styles including casual, athletic and dress. This article is going to cover some of the boots and dress shoes that can make you taller.

The Insole
The first step to increasing your height is the hidden insole of the shoe. This special insole can add between one and three inches to your natural height without being noticed from the outside. The insole is made of comfortable material that absorbs the shock of walking just like a regular shoe insert.

The Outer Sole
By using a thicker outer sole, you can add an additional inch or more to your height. Others can see this sole so it is important that it look like any other dress shoe heel. Many boots and dress shoes come with a slightly raised heel. Height increasing shoes take the heel that is on regular dress shoes and increase the thickness of the outer sole to increase the heel. Many companies will allow you to choose the height of your outer sole and insole to best suit your needs.

The Midsole
This material is placed between the insole and the outer sole to prevent the insole from wearing out. In most shoes, the wear and tear from walking in your shoes can cause the insole to become thinner. By adding a midsole to height increasing shoes, you can decrease the wear done to the insole. This allows you to seem naturally taller without losing any height over time or finding the need to frequently replace your shoes.

The Outer Shoe
One of the most important features for men’s height increasing shoes is to be discreet. You want the shoe to naturally increase your height without being noticeable to others. Without the proper design in the outer shoe, you will not be able to look naturally tall, as your heel would be seen elevated out of your shoe. Purchasing shoes that are designed to make you seem taller will insure that the outer shoe is built to hide the presence of the insole and midsole.

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