The summer maxi necklaces: Styling tricks to choose them!

The necklaces are the indisputable bonuses in the summer season. The bigger and more colorful are the better.

The accessories we are thrown into the neck this summer and is that the bibs, chokers and XXL versions necklaces seize us. The volume and color are essential features of these accessories perfect for putting the finishing touch to a certain look.

summer maxi necklaces

In fluorine key with ethnic touch, romantic, hippies, rock spirit … summer necklaces do not know limits and occur in many versions suitable for any time and location. From the maxi pearls, a tribal-inspired bibs.

But beyond taste, consider these styling tricks to hit with the choice. The type of neck and even the bust are crucial when picking a model or another:

summer maxi necklaces

  • If you have short or wide neck, avoid very tight necklaces around your necks. Bibs and chokers will not favor you. Opt for longer models, will help you style the neck.
  • If you have a long neck and/or fine, get a necklace model visually shorten the length of the neck.
  • If you have high birth chest choose long necklaces and pendant which comes below the chest. It will be an attention getter and will bring linearity.
  • If on the contrary you have a low chest, avoid long necklaces and choose shorter models.

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