Coach brand handbags

The Coach brand has reached an unstoppable rise in the market for fashion accessories, especially when it comes to handbags.

coach brand handbags

It is not the only familiar face who has opted for it; also actresses like Sienna Miller and Eva Longoria have been seen with one. Not in vain it is the most sold brand in the United States, and undoubtedly these spontaneous works of promotion will not make but to consolidate its leadership.

Although the origins of the company were rather humble (the design of their bags began in 1941, and were made by hand, in a small attic in Manhattan), the fact is that today one can not say the same thing: all the complements of Coach are luxury goods, whose price does not fall below one hundred euros on average.

To combine with the spring colors have this design, within the range Spring Poppy; in particular, it is the one that receives the name of Petal Print, for his pattern of petals of flowers. In addition to the cast we see in the top picture, we also have the option to acquire a very similar clutch.

coach brand handbags

Simpler, and therefore more suitable for summer getaways, this is another silver clutch within the same collection as we mentioned earlier. Its name is Leather Slim, and as the name suggests is made of leather.

coach brand handbags

The last thing we see today, also in leather, is recommended for those who wish to highlight, with an eye-catching fuchsia tone that will certainly not go unnoticed. We found it at the end of these lines and its name is Poppy Leather Highlight.

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