Dueling trends: tote bag against paper bag

Handbags are a “must have” in the life of a woman. Never goes out of fashion and, at times, even become the protagonists of the season, as it has happened this winter.

tote bag against paper bag

And it is that, from the smaller party clutches to the large shopping bag for shopping, there are plenty of models to choose in the stores. For this reason, this time we decided dueling two of the bags that have triumphed over this autumn-winter season: tote bags and paper bags.

The tote bags are just big bags, typically made of cotton or fabric, which are attached with a handle on the top. These are very simple, in fact, never wear buttons or zippers if not that the central area is left open to put on and take things easy. However, like everything else, the tote bag has evolved and brands like Celine or Prada have reinvented them in designs more sophisticated, elegant and urban.

The design, however, is still very simple and minimalist but the geometry of its lines and the elegance and the spacious design of the tote bag is what have placed them at the top of the list of best selling handbags. In addition, the tote bags are preferred by the celebrities, each and every one of them has hung on arms. If you want to join the fashion, you must know that this winter will be colors that are calfskin, the python metallic version.

The paper bags are bags that have the same appearance as the paper bags of U.S. supermarkets or typical brown bags you see in the American series where children take their breakfast. Of course, there is a chance; brands like Celine were inspired by these bags to create your own much more elegant and sophisticated designs.

The result is stylish handbags, and practices that allow us to carry all our personal and comfortable objects by being able to carry by hand or under the arm without fear of losing anything because the paper bags have a hidden closure in the inside.

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