Eyes vs Lips: what do you prefer highlighting?

The make up artists are clear: gone are the extra-exaggerated makeup and loaded. This season will have to decide between highlight colorful eyes or sensual mouth and juicy. Then you discover the best makeup tricks to get help you enhance your features naturally.

eyes vs lips

Turn up your look
To make your look undisputed star of your makeup, there is nothing better than to go for a flattering smoky eyes. In dark, like gray, blue or violet, you will achieve an ideal combination for your looks at night, and in brown, you get a subtle smoky, perfect for the day. It is the tone that is, do not forget to line your eyes both the top and bottom of your lashes.

For an extra light, don’t forget to have a good hand mask illuminating that contribution to your eyes bright flashes.

If you have decided for enhancing your look, then you must balance your look with natural, subtle lips. Test with nude or glare transparent to achieve a mouth soft and delicate. In this way, you can convert your gaze in the center of attention without neglecting your mouth.

A fresh and natural look
If you prefer to go for quick and easy makeup, then you should get the most out of your mouth. Choose shades of red range, as burgundy or maroon, and fuchsia. If you have time, try to outline your lips with a pencil of similar coloring that the bar used.

For irresistible lips, apply your lipstick over lip gloss will help you maintain a bright and juicy color. If, however, prefer a matte effect, makeup your mouth with the profiler. Apply after translucent powder, and finally, adds color to your lipstick.

After dialing intensively your mouth, leave your eyes in the background, but always without neglect them. Use pastel colors, like a soft pink, or basic as a nude or beige. If you choose to delineate, do flush only lower lashes and a very fine line. If you prefer, you can use a mascara, but always natural effect.

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