Fashion can be your ally to look thinner

A person may be thinner or thicker than it is, depending on the clothes you use. If you want thinner with just knowing how to choose your wardrobe and style look, you’ve come to the right place; we will give you tricks to achieve it. Clothes can make you look like you’ve lost up to 5 kilos; people will ask if you’ve lost weight.

ally to look thinner

Tone: Dress of a single color, using dark shades as the basic black, grey or navy blue. Sometimes it is difficult to dress in a single color, for those times used the darkest color on the bulkiest area of your body. However, if it’s a special occasion and you really want to look fantastic follows that advice.

Use patterned with vertical stripes, they are your best allies. Conversely, avoid horizontal stripes and prints as large will make you look wider. Also avoid shiny fabrics that can reflect light as they increase the volume and weight of clothes.

Legs: Black stockings make your look more slim and trim your legs. Pants and skirts of dark color make seem the body longer and more stylized to achieving an effect of thinness. If your legs are thick not to use very high skirts, ideally below the knee but showing some skin and ankles if they are thin. Generally though the person has a few extra kilos, this area of the body is usually thinner.

Never wear skirts or pants that are wider than long since they do look wider hip. Use the pants that do not have as long shot because do not cover well the hip and can make you leave the thick waist and hip.

Torso: Use blouses or dresses with V-necks to make your figure look slimmer and thinner, since they make to see your longest neck. The perfect sleeve for you is ¾. Use accurately, nor wider or tighter your size.

Loose clothing makes you look older. Use clothes slightly fitted in the thinner parts of your body such as for example the waist and in the thicker areas, a little more loosely.

Cross dresses are ideal because they accentuate curves and make you look thinner in the waist area.

Accessories: If you use a necklace choose them long, do not wear necklaces for causing the illusion that your neck is shorter. A necklace, a bag, a watch or any large accessory will make seem that your body is thinner. However, if you’re very short don’t take this advice because it will make you look lower.

Use heels and shoes with pointed toes to stylize your legs. Ideally, the shoes are the same color of the pants. If it is a lack of wearing shoes is the color of your skin to give the illusion of continuity of your legs. Do not use belt or shoes with very low heels.

Makeup: The right makeup can make your face look slimmer. If your chin or jaw is very large it seem smaller by applying a bronzer one of color darker than that of your skin. Apply blush along your cheekbones and uses more than one shade, it is advisable to use three, each a shade darker than the previous.

These tips will help you look slimmer but more importantly is to always have a good attitude. Keep good posture and always walks with head high. Do not forget to smile and feel good about yourself.

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