Fashion Trends: The return of crosses!

The crosses have become an icon already extolled back in the 90’s a very young musician Madonna. And again this year returns everything all of the era, from the shirts above the navel to the pants by the waist and, of course, jewelry and jewelry in large measures, though, with many crosses. Do not miss it.


In the jewelry that we will see this new season and we are already seeing this summer, we find crosses, coming hard on all versions and all kinds of shapes and pieces. From bracelets, charms, rings, earrings, necklaces or the typical simple pendant with a cross, which is an imperative that you need to have.

For special occasions, we can choose crossings style more rococo, with lots of rhinestones and more elaborate. Not everyone likes, but this year will also take the showy jewelry, making it a very interesting possibility if we combine it.


The style in which the crosses are often carried by something casual and 90’s, made in Nasty Gal, but also suitable for romantic or ethnic looks. The important thing is to take away the veneer of holiness and Christianity that have to make it into a fashion accessory.

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