Now that our skin lights up a golden color from the sun, not worth hide behind a very heavy makeup. The nude is a good option to highlight our natural beauty and our tan.

nude make-up

The nude trend has found a place in our makeup. By combining the right products can make to enhance our unpretentious charm. In summer, our skin looks healthy and gold tone due to the sun’s rays and do not want to waive this privilege passenger. So, opt for nude make-up during the summer is a good choice.

In all brands of cosmetics can find products that help us to enhance our beauty. One of the latest make-up and treatment are the BB creams. This revolutionary product is ideal for a nude look.

The Blemish Balm not only a cream with color, it is a balsam that, in addition to camouflage imperfections, try it. What’s more, it also protects our skin from the sun. You can find BB cream for all skin types and shades. Find the one that suits your better hydration needs and treatment and your skin tone and use it as foundation.

To give a velvety touch your face, you can use a loose powder and apply on the foundation. This season, put your cheeks. However, in a nude makeup nothing should be exaggerated. Opt for slightly pink or orange tones. Give freshness to your face.

To finish, highlights the eyes with brown eyeliner to enhance the look. Instead of black, for the tabs choose a brown mask that is less artificial than a black. Get the makeup to be present but unnoticed and brightens your face.

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