Fighting winter with flowers

If you think you are in a flower like everyone, I am sure you are passionate about wearing flowers, one of the kings prints this winter.

flower print

This year, the flowers are a must, and there’s no doubt. Last spring were the stamped revolution, the flower fever continued during the summer, despite those who believed that it was only going to last in the stations of sunshine and warmth, flowers have withstood high temperatures and are one of the king prints this winter.

If you like the flowers are in luck, the power going to continue carrying all year, hot or cold. The shirts and pants in winter, even jackets, are with flowers.

And if the last spring-summer you turned crazy buying flower clothes, you’re in luck, they are going to be able to continue taking advantage of this year.

What’s more beautiful than a flower? That must have thought the designers of the fashion houses that began to introduce the most common brands of street style. The catwalks accounted for the stardom of the flowers, which soon were already in stores of haute couture and therefore at the low cost.

From jeans, blouses, shirts and jackets, through to the warmest markers, the flowers are flooding the winter clothing, to combat the cold, and remember the ubiquitous spring.

Are you like the flower print? Have you got more flower clothes that smooth? If so, take advantage to show them the most during all this 2014 floral year.

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