Five beauty tips that every woman should know

Be beautiful and perfect does not mean spending hours and hours locked in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, creams and makeup hold fast without stopping. To look good you must know only five ‘tips’ of essential beauty.

beauty tips for women

The importance of moisturizers
Sometimes we underestimate the power of moisturizers and sometimes even fail to use them. Moisturizers are essential in women with dry skin to oily skin as it will protect our external waste and own makeup face. Before apply any base or blush, always putting moisturizer for take care of your skin.

Instructions for the cleaning product
Some cleaners are too aggressive for skins. To avoid damaging the cleaner your own face, pick a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. Also, wash your face once a day and no more because if you exceeds can end up damaging the natural lipid barrier that keeps your skin lubricated and this will make you look old and feel itching, burning and stinging.

Maintain your hair
The hair is much more character than we think. A well maintained and moisturized mane a lot of attention and can become the focus of any look. For a beautiful and striking hair, you should apply yourself once a week at least a mask and leave it for 10 minutes to take effect by hydrating the hair. In this way, you will obtain a hair full of brightness, hydrated and protected. No use to wash your hair, apply shampoo and mask and rinse immediately because the mask does not have time to act.

The mascara only for the upper lashes
Never use mascara to the lower lashes. It is the golden rule of any eye makeup. The mascara on lower lashes generate a shadow under the eyes may be confused with dark circles.

Balanced makeup
To avoid looking like a Picasso painting is important to balanced makeup. You must choose which part of the face you want to highlight and depending on this, you make up the rest of the face. If you want to emphasize your lips with a red flashy and sensual passion, eye makeup discreetly with eyes line simply. However, if you become a full black eyes and deep look, make your lips with a matte or nude color.

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