How to hide the wrinkles of your eyes

If you want to see with a fresh and more youthful appearance, some keys will help you make those wrinkles will not notice much in your face. We give you the tricks to get it.

hide wrinkles

Surgical alternatives or professional cosmetics procedures are an option for many women who want to conceal the passage of time on their eyes, but thankfully these are not the only option we have. And some allies that can help hide the dreaded crow’s feet, giving a much younger expression.

To start avoids applying layers of concealer on your eye area, because contrary to what you think of hides away dark circles and wrinkles this mania makes more noticeable. When we have wrinkles makeup usually stays in the folds, highlighting its presence. Opt for slightly better quality and concealer and apply only a thin layer, you’ll see how your expression is much smoother.

The crow’s feet are accentuated more with eyeliner and black shadow. So instead opt for brown and nude tones to spice up your eyes, let alone full of black if you want to hide the wrinkles around the eyes.

The mascara is an infallible ally, as well as significantly improves the appearance of your eyes and look, let’s focuses on your eyes and in the creases of your outline, getting to disguise its presence. Don’t forget to also look perfect eyebrows, from thicker preference, since in addition to accentuate your look you will create the perfect setting to make the Crow’s feet not noticeable both.

And of course never forget to moisturize your eye area with a special anti-aging cream for this zone. This simple step can make all the difference, maintaining your beautiful skin which delays the appearance of new wrinkles and keeps this delicate area in good condition.

Go ahead and put these tips into practice and enjoy a beautiful and look more youthful.

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