How to wear animal print

The Animal print in all its versions is a trend that is always fashionable. It may be in large doses, as in dresses, coats and trousers or accessories such as belts, shoes, pashminas and handbags.

wear animal print

But the trick knows how to use it. Nothing to be dressed as a tiger from head to toe! Here are the tricks to make you look fancy, wildly fashionable.

Dresses: With a blazer and heels very sensitive. The key is to keep sober accessories in neutral colors.Do not use a garment of Animal Print next to an overcoat with sequins, to give a (bad) example.

Pants: Start with a print pants, a shirt or T-shirt and a white basic jean jacket. The idea is that the pant is the piece that stands out in your outfit, it is the pattern.

wear animal print

Skirts: Nothing more feminine than a skirt to the body. But remember that highlight your curves can be tricky in a pattern so striking. If you’re more full body, buy a skirt that fit, but not that tighten. The thinner can be a little more daring. Of course, the length is essential for both cases: no mini skirts. That would be very exaggerated and vulgar.

Accessories: Scarves and handkerchiefs prints are ideal, depending on the weather where you are. Remember that there are some very light fabrics perfect for the summer. If you are entering in this fashion, you can be more conservative using the Animal Print in accessories like bracelets or handbag style on. Here also recalls that the Animal Print is king of the outfit: Accessories must emphasize, not to get lost in a sea of other patterns and colors.

It’s all taking it with class and distinction. Remember that being sexy is not being vulgar and that the most important accessory is your attitude.

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