Job Interview? Match your look!

It is now one of the days we were expecting more. At last we got a call from the company that we like to get an interview. The choice of our look is key to make a good impression and help show us more secure and at ease with ourselves. If we want to hit with our look do not miss the advice that give below.

job interview look

Basic clothes
When deciding on our outfit, we always have to go for simple and comfortable clothes that favor our figure. No necklines, bare shoulders or short dresses. Its making us look elegant and serious, but at the same time, informal and casual. Would you like to find? Pay attention!

Suit pants
Among the classics, always find the mythical pantsuit. A safe bet provided it is not too stiff. The black is a staple with which succeed, but throw in an extra touch to break the seriousness of this color: try to combine it with a blouse in striking colors.

The latest trend is the suit with cropped pants. You shape the figure if you combine it with a high heel shoe. It provides an extra touch with the original brooch on the lapel of the jacket or pashmina for men to mark contrast.

White Shirt
Like the trouser suit, white shirt becomes one of your best allies. Combined with black pants, get a perfect outfit. However, keep in mind that sometimes, this look can give the image of a woman somewhat traditional and classical.

job interview look

To turn this idea, use the accessories to make a difference. Always in monochromatic tones, a good choice is to go for a necklace or choker XXL or an original handbag.

Black & White
One of the most elegant and casual dresses are the “wild card”. The key is to go for basic colors: white and black, a combination that fits perfectly in this type of clothing. Always take them above the knee, without committing too much to the body and with a jacket in the same tones. Throw in black shoes and a good portfolio for adding a glamorous touch.

A different style
It is not always necessary to dress in more traditional tones of the color palette. We leave behind the white and black and go for a much more casual look, which few simple jeans become the perfect garment.

Just follow a few simple steps to add to your style a note of glamor and elegance:

job interview look

  • Combine with your jeans a blouse in striking color and texture, such as satin or silk. Better, if monochromatic.
  • Throw in a touch of informality with a jacket or fitted blazer.
  • Looking for an accessory star with that get the attention of your outfit. For example, a collar.
  • Never forget to complete your look with a good shoe heel: peep toe or pump for a more chic, stilettos to add formality.

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