Learn how to apply lipstick correctly

It is an undeniable fact: get a lipstick makes us feel better with ourselves, and when we applied correctly, the image of our face changes greatly. Regardless of the tone that we choose, the very fact makes this cosmetic acquire personal safety is our dearest friend.

apply lipstick correctly

If we are thinking about to paint the lips, either daily or for a special occasion, we must be attentive to that we can not do it anyway, but we have to follow certain guidelines to not fail when it comes to make-up.

First of all, is that if we want the lips are not only well painted, but other than not get out of the corner of our mouth, we do not lift the skin or we will be sores, we have to think in terms of a exfoliation and hydration prior. Therefore we must take our usual toothbrush, and pass their bristles by lips in order to eliminate any kind of skin that we can look bad or make that damage the lipstick itself. Once our mouth is completely smooth, we must move to the rear hydration. How to do it? Through cocoa or vaseline, we can apply using in a mini brush or our fingers. It is about giving a little bit and not abuse.

Then, start the key moment of make up the area. Think have to paint it gently and not overdo it. We will start by outlining the exterior of light form with a pencil or with the bar itself, and then color top to finish with all the color. You need to do it slowly and do not try to disguise a lipstick base, since we get the opposite effect that we are looking for.

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